*As Deadspin pus it, the biggest question coming into the 2012 Australian Open—and the tennis season in general—figured to be simple: Can Novak Djokovic—who began 2011 by winning 43 straight matches en route to three Grand Slam titles, 10 overall, and the greatest year in the history of tennis—do it again? (Related question: Will any gluten be consumed on the ATP tour this year?)

That is, until Serena Williams managed to spark a hip-hop beef between Drake and Common, a firestorm of criticism over comments (“I don’t love tennis“), and a minor fury over the new John Basedow-like abs she unveiled in Australia.

Yes, Serena has a six-pack. And this from a woman who said last week:

“I’ve actually never liked sports, and I never understood how I became an athlete. I don’t like working out. I don’t like anything that has to do with working physically.”

Anyway, in other tennis news, Williams wasn’t the only one with a profound statement. Rafael Nadal shared a rare unguarded opinion, he showed his true colors and dissed Roger Federer in a pre-tournament interview.

“For him it’s good to say nothing,” Nadal said when asked why his rival is not joining fellow players in lobbying the ATP to alleviate a grueling tour schedule.

“Everything positive. ‘It’s all well and good for me, I look like a gentleman,’ and the rest can burn themselves.”

Federer, kept things professional saying, “things are fine” between the pair and that “we can’t always agree on everything.”

It actually doesn’t look like this season is going to be very exciting being that Federer is working with an ailing back, his friend Nadal has a bad shoulder and Kim Clijsters has a bad hip.

To top it all off Williams has an injured ankle. Way to start the year off right.