sherri shepherd*It’s no secret that outspoken “View” co-host Sherri Shepherd has a strong presence in the Twitterverse.  However,  Shepherd recently tweeted advice for new followers who publicly send her their phone numbers and email addy and expecting her to do the same. Well, as far as her phone number, that is.

“Tip for New Tweeters…do NOT tweet me your phone number. The likelihood of me calling…nill.  The likelihood of a crazy perv calling–$100%.

Shepherd requested that aggressive new followers back off.  She tweeted:

“New tweeters, when you send several tweets back to back, my eyes start to glaze…you feel like a stalker.  Ease up—13 tweets Really?”

And the recently married Shepherd issued a stern warning to admiring male fans:

“ESPECIALLY male tweeters…if you send me your phone number or email, please expect my hubby/protector/bodyguard 2 contact you—not good.”

Okay, all you Shepherd fans out there, you’ve been forewarned.