omarosa*Omarosa Manigualt-Stallworth is not a female to play with.

She’s known for her staining ability on reality television and first got her start on Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice.”

She’s actually been on quite a few. But that’s not the news of course.

The bad ass entrepreneur (and ordained minister) is getting ready to take on a new role in media as the West Coast Editor of “Reality Weekly” magazine.

The glossy launched its premiere issue and companion website on Jan. 2 and serves as the first weekly magazine devoted exclusively to reality shows and their stars. Perfect right?

“It’s so interesting because I know reality television inside and out. And sometimes when I’m sitting in meetings they call me the ‘reality encyclopedia,’ because I’ve been in reality since early on,” she explained to The Huffington Post. “I think I have more of a historical perspective, and I have amazing relationships with people in reality as well, from producers, directors, camera guys, fellow reality cast mates, networks, publicists…. And I’ve done 20-plus reality shows.”

Before you go wondering why she was picked for the part, besides having such vast reality television experience. Her bachelor’s degree is in journalism if you must know. But the real tip is, she’s got pull.

Her friend just happens to be the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Richard Spencer. Yeah, no experience needed.

“My bachelor’s degree is in journalism, so I got the core and the gift of learning how to be a good writer,” she said. “At the center of all this entertainment stuff is good writing, so I’m very, very blessed to have that foundation. I’m not just the West Coast editor, I actually pitch and cover stories for the magazine, so I’ve been able to use my background in journalism and apply it to this new position. But I think the most important thing that I bring to the table is relationships.”