*When it comes to the big screen, and even the small screen, there’s no question that black and brown faces are hard to come by in significant roles. Even in the independent film industry, where artists have a bit more freedom, the diversity is still lacking, says filmmaker Spike Lee.

The Brooklyn native premiered the fifth film in his “continuing chronicles of Brooklyn, N.Y.” at the Sundance Film Festival, but dealt heavily with the fact that so few reflected his face, his community, his people.

Lee said Monday that in the “upper echelons of television and studios, it’s 1950. It’s Eisenhower,” according to Yahoo News.

Although the industry has come quite a long way, the disparity is sorely felt among black artists. Lee noted that even though white people will be considered a minority population by 2045, the images are still that of those of white faces.

He urges the entertainment industry to look beyond the white and see color; bring diversity into the workplace.

Lee is at Sundance where he unveiled “Red Hook Summer” on Sunday to a full house that included such guests as Chris Rock, Alfre Woodard and Cuba Gooding Jr.