terrell owens*It’s hard to believe someone with as much talent and public appeal as Terrell Owens doesn’t have a job.

The unsigned (former) NFL player admits life has been a little depressing for him, as he’s out of work, in court with all four of his baby’s mama, along with him fitting in the margins of the rest of unemployed America.

In an exclusive interview with GQ magazine, the athlete admits to being riddled down by life and even said he’s thought about suicide.

On top of being probably the industry’s most talented unemployed player, T.O. doesn’t get out much anymore either. Life is a little lonely and sort of repeats itself day-to-day.

But to keep himself busy, he works out three times a day, keeping that very attractive six pack in shape and body conditioned for that moment when the phone rings for an interview.

He’s 38, was injured on the knee and had surgery. Could that be the reason no one will even ask for a workout?

T.O. doesn’t think that’s the problem anymore, if it ever was. And he may be right.

“It’s not his knee that’s the problem; it’s his attitude,” says an executive at one of the better teams, who didn’t want to be named. The ratio that once made it worth it for owners to sign him—two parts genius to two parts trouble—has shifted now that he is not quite as fast, his body not as reliable. “He may have been less openly divisive with the Bengals,” the exec continues, “but you can’t live down the destruction of all those years. With T.O., no matter how brilliant he can be on the field, the dark side is always lurking. You don’t know which T.O. you’re going to get, and no one is comfortable risking that.”

Via TheYBF, here are some other highlights

On being lonely

“I don’t have no friends. I don’t want no friends. That’s how I feel.”

On baby momma regrets

He says, “If there’s anything I’m sorry about, it’s getting involved with all that.” He added that he never dated any of the four women he impregnated…mostly they were “repeat offenders.”  He resents them for suing him for more child support money as he’s going broke.

On his big fallout with Mo and Kita

He says he missed Monique and Kita whom he stopped speaking to after he  discovered they were trying to sell their own lives as a reality program. “They said they were planning to make me an executive producer, but if we were business partners, don’t you think I would have known about it?”

Poor T.O.

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