common and Drake*The beef between Common and Drake is almost comical, but it’s beef nonetheless, and while it appears to be nearly chewed up, the Chicago native says it might not be over.

Common declared that he’s ready to “destroy” the Toronto rapper if things get to that point.

“I really honestly don’t know how things will end,” Common shared. “I just want to put out there that it’s not a thing where I don’t like him as a human being or like I got something against him personally. That’s not what it is. You dissed me on record. I know you felt a certain way about certain things so if you dissed me so I had to say what I had to say. If you come at me, I’ma fight until the end. I’m not talking about physical. I’m talking about emceeing.”

He says no one scares him and that he’ll challenge any rapper any day on any mic. Confident in his years long skills, the MC says Drake stands no chance against him.

Just in case you are wondering, the rapper feud began when Common released his song, “Sweet” in which he aggressively repudiates soft rappers who sing. It was never a direct hit at Drake, seriously.

But it turned into something when Drake decided to respond, which then, led to a whole ‘nother level of beef.

Common reassures, however, that the beef is not personal.

Maybe not, but it sure seems stupid.