*Just as you will not find The Film Strip announcing its Top Ten films at year’s end, you will not find any Yay or Nay when it comes to an Award win. Whether it be the Golden Globes or Oscars, the awarding systems are flawed. Golden Globe host, Ricky Gervais, said it best when he made the comment about selection inducements.

First of all, who sees every film ever made in a year? I surely haven’t and it would be remiss of me to say which ONE is best when I haven’t seen them all. In some instances the films selected are not only unworthy of the nomination but they could be considered the worse! Incidentally, look at all the attention “Bridesmaids” has garnered. Is it due to the fact that people enjoy seeing women behaving badly? Or, is it a further indication of the pandering to mindless, scurrilous and warped filmmaking that further indicates the dumbing down of America?

Certainly, a woman pulling up her dress and defecating in the street is no worthy feat. Dogs do it everyday. Why not nominate Uggie (the dog in “The Artist”) for an award? He certainly put in a command performance, without any repugnant scenes, over the top annoying cockpit performances or farfetched nervous breakdown segments.

Also, there shouldn’t be one award given but as many as deemed worthy. “The Guard,” “Take Shelter,” “Ides of March,” “Margin Call,” “The Debt,” “Chasing Madoff,” “Sarah’s Key,” the uplifting “Soul Surfer” and “Dolphin Tale” are among the films released last year that should receive awards.

Before any announcements or Awards shows, The Women Film Critics Circle announced their awards. Viola Davis (Best Actress “The Help”), George Clooney (Best Actor “The Descendants”), Shailene Woodley (Best Young Actress “The Descendants), “The Help” (Best Movie About Women), “The Whistleblower,” (Best Female Images), “The Descendants” (Best Male Images), Cicely Tyson & Kathy Bates (Lifetime Achievement), “The Help” (Josephine Baker Award), and Elizabeth Taylor (posthumous Acting and Activism) were among the winners. For more information on the WFCC, go to [email protected].