trey songz*Trey Songz is getting ready to hit the road to promote his upcoming CD, Anticipation. To help get the word out, he spoke to EUR associate Morris O’Kelly, whom we all know as Mo’Kelly.

He has more than 3.6 million Twitter followers (and growing).  Most of whom are female and absolutely love everything about Trey Songz and his music.  But what was more impressive to Mo’Kelly was that in our extended conversation today, Trey was genuinely humble, although the world and circumstances surrounding him likely push him in the opposite direction towards absurd arrogance like many of his contemporaries.

He is a savvy businessman, bucking conventional wisdom in the marketing of his music, releasing mixtapes and an EP in between album offerings.  Tools not designed for airplay and commercial appeal but merely a means of musically staying in touch with his fans and emotional proximity (if you will) with the ladies.  It’s commonly done in hip hop, but rarely done effectively within R&B.

Click over to HEAR the full interview between Mo’Kelly and Trey Songz, HERE.