*Vanessa Bryant, the former wife of the Kobe Bryant, has once again turned down a huge sum of money to appear on VH1’s “Basketball Wives.”

A source tells The Insider that taking part in reality shows “just isn’t Vanessa’s style,” but stressed that no disrespect was meant to those who do appear.

As previously reported, the couple’s decision not to have a prenuptial agreement in place has resulted in Vanessa acquiring in the divorce three of the couple’s mansions, worth a combined $18.8 million. The couple’s split was said to be caused by Kobe’s numerous infidelities.

“Basketball Wives” producers had offered Vanessa Bryant a spot on the show previously but she declined, despite TMZ suggesting that the show was set to be based around her story. The producers are still holding out hope that their latest, lucrative offer will be enough for her to reconsider.

Vanessa and Kobe have joint custody of their two daughters, aged 9 and 5. The fourth season of “Basketball Wives” is scheduled to premiere on Feb. 20.