veronica hendrix

Veronica Hendrix

*Bravo Mr. President.

Your 3rd State of the Union address was a home run.  With the conviction and resolve the America public demands from their leader, you delineated the state of our nation – citing chapter and verse – and underscored that it is getting stronger.

Yet your detractors have called your efforts a delusion saying, “On these evenings, Presidents naturally seek to find the sunny side of our national condition. But when President Obama claims that the state of our union is anything but grave, he must know in his heart that this is not true.”

President Obama has advanced an aggressive agenda in his three short years as president. Never in the history of this nation has one man accomplished so much to revive a nation that was tittering on the brink of collapse. I don’t know how anyone can claim to know what’s in his heart. But what he has demonstrated is that he as heart, a heart of ethereal nature which has been the story of the ascent of his presidency.

It takes heart and an incredible amount of verve for this man to be President at this time. When he suits up morning after morning, he’s got to put on more than those expertly tailored suits and power ties which he looks absolutely dashing in – wink, wink. He has to put on Teflon so all the crud, dirt, dung won’t stick to him. Oh he’s got heart and thick skin, skin thicker that a vault door at Fort Knox.

Let’s be real. Every day he’s swatted like a fly and castigated like a leper. Yet he persists in fighting for the middle and underclass because he loves this country.

Why shouldn’t he. He personifies the American dream. He like so many of us grew up hearing that if we worked hard we could someday be President of the United States. He actually did it. But are the lofty platitudes about attainting the American dream meant to tickle the ear and not motivate the human spirit to achieve what it’s been inspired to believe? I have wonder. If someone like Barack Obama can ascend to the presidency then it stands to reason that one day a woman can, a Latino can, an Asian can or a gay or lesbian can. Why not?

In the meantime, he takes his shots and he fired back with an address that laid down smart and ambitious imperatives when it come to education, tax reform, domestic job creation, immigration, pay equity, tax relief  for families and  small businesses, tax reform for the wealthiest of American’s,  research and innovation, alternative energy, mortgage relief, and wall street reform.

Yet, his opponents rebutted, “No feature of the Obama Presidency has been sadder than its constant efforts to divide us, to curry favor with some Americans by castigating others.” In reality the entire Occupy Movement (yes it’s capitalized because it is a proper noun) are those “some American” referenced here, you know the 99% of us who are  victimized  daily by  the 1% who persist in deepening the economic  chasm though institutionalized loop holes, policies and practices they fight vehemently to preserve. When the President said he would “fight obstruction with action” he’s talking to the 1%.

The President’s State of the Union address was forceful, challenging, optimistic and quite frankly full of idealism particularly because of the combatants in Washington he has to work with to get things done. While the official GOP rebuttal to his address admitted “the President did not cause the economic and fiscal crises that continue in America,” their actions in helping to revive and strengthen this economy has been consistently adversarial even around non-partisan ideals and polices.

The President emphasized that the defining issue of our time is how to keep the American promise alive. That promise is “if you worked hard, you could do well enough to raise a family, own a home, send your kids to college, and put a little away for retirement.”

“No challenge is more urgent.  No debate is more important,” said the President during his address.

America needs to make good on this promise. After all, there are sufficient funds to honor it.

Veronica Hendrix is a syndicated columnist and feature writer whose work has covered the span of the human continuum – from clinical trials of male contraceptives, to the gang violence. She is the owner of Bromont Avenue Foods. She is the author of “Red Velvet Gourmet Spice Rub and Seasoning Heart Healthy Recipes.” Visit for more information.  For comments, interviews, speaking engagements or moderator requests please send an email to [email protected]