elijah kelly*Actor Elijah Kelley (pictured) is flexing his artistic abilities and recently shocked the film world with his role in “Red Tails.”

But his responsibilities reached further than memorizing a script. Kelley actually penned the theme song, “Light Years.”

“The song embodies the mood of the movie and what it stands for. I was able to craft the track and write the song in a way that I really feel pay homage to the Airmen. I hope that we can push it so that it lives beyond the movie and goes on to do well,” Kelley told The Boombox.

The multi-talented artist not only wrote it, but he produced and performed the song.

“Red Tails” raked in $44 million over the past two weekends, although not quite catching up with Lucas’s $90 million spent.

The 2012 spin of the Tuskegee Airmen story also stars Terrence Howard, Ne-Yo and Method Man. It was also co-written by “Boondocks” creator Aaron McGruder.