nick cannon*Despite starting the year off in the hospital, Nick Cannon is in good spirits for 2012 and he’s grateful to have a good wife and two precious kids by his side.

Cannon shared with listeners on 92.3 NOW radio show in New York about his recent bout with kidney failure.

“I’m one of those people who have always been this way… I thought I was healthy. I was trying to be Superman and I hadn’t slept for maybe four days because I was taking care of the kids.”

“Two days before New Year’s, I started to feel this horrible pain in my back, they did some more test,” he said. “They came and told me that my kidneys aren’t functioning. Not just one — not the one that was in pain — but both of them weren’t functioning right. My immune system started to attack my kidneys… And my kidneys pretty much failed.”

But through it all, his woman was there with him every step of the way. He says he’s luck, blessed and thankful.

He’s back to normal for the most part and he admits he’s learned his lessons about hard work.

In a radio interview with shock jock Howard Stern he said, “I’m good. I’m feeling 100 percent… Because of this situation I know that I don’t need to go so hard. It’s more about just my way of living. It’s really about taking some time.”

And he’s vowing to start a new diet that excludes sodium.

Below he describes that diet to an MTV News reporter:

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