wendy williams*Whether or not your respect Wendy Williams’ opinion or not, the woman made a bold statement about troubled singer Fantasia Barrino.

The singer delivered a baby boy a month ago and is seeking to complete her family with a ring from her baby’s daddy Antwaun Cook.

But Williams has a harsh reality for her saying that the singer’s chances of marrying Antwaun Cook slim to none.

“What Fantasia really hopes is that he will step up now, marry her and help with the care of their family,” a source told the St. Louis American newspaper. “She’s tired of carrying the whole load by herself.”

Maybe she’s right, but Barrino does pretty well for herself and supports many, not to mention the guy has another family all his own.

If Barrino is looking for some constant male support, she’s wrong, says Wendy. He’ll be splitting time between two homes. Is that something her man can handle?

“Fantasia, you knew he was married, and unavailable to you, when you started sleeping with him. A separated man does not make a single man,” Wendy told Fantasia directly. “This wasn’t even a down-low relationship … because we all saw you all celebrating your…love.”

She also said her man is still married will not likely get a divorce.

Check out out Wendy via video: