oneal ron morris

Oneal Ron Morris

*More than 17 million plastic surgeries are performed annually in the United States. Unfortunately, some of these surgeries do not go according to plan. Medical malpractice involves more than just mistakes by licensed by physicians. Recently, a woman was arrested in Miami for performing cosmetic surgery on people looking for cheap plastic surgery alternatives. Oneal Ron Morris was arrested after a woman came forward following botched surgery performed by Morris. Morris injected a mixture that included cement into a woman’s buttocks.

Tales of botched surgeries do not end there. A New Jersey woman was arrested after giving a man an injection of silicone into his penis for enlargement surgery. The man died from silicone embolism the day after having the injection. Kasia Rivera performed the “surgery” out of her apartment. In September of this year, Dinora Rodriguez was left with conjoined breasts following botched surgery to replace 10-year-old implants. The same surgeon also worked on Rodriguez’ eyes, leaving her with chronic dry eye and one eye that will not close properly.

In September of 2011, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons launched an awareness and safety program in response to the growing number of botched plastic surgery procedures being performed by unqualified individuals with little or no medical training.  Part of the problem is legislative, as 48 states currently allow doctors who are not board satisfied to perform plastic surgery. The ASPS emphasizes that just because an individual is a physician does not mean that they are qualified to perform plastic surgery. Part of the campaign by the ASPS is to educate the public on what to look for when seeking the services of a plastic surgeon. Visit for more information.

Patients need to ask questions. Often a patient will refrain from asking too many questions because they assume anybody with a white coat and some certificates on their wall is legit. A qualified plastic surgeon will not mind answering questions or providing their qualifications. A patient should ask questions before agreeing to any procedure such as if they have hospital privileges if additional medical attention is required, how many times they have performed the particular procedure in question, if they have valid insurance and if they are board certified in the state they practice. Patients should only consider board certified plastic surgeons as they underwent training to be medically qualified.

Another issue is patients who decline to come forward and make a complaint out of embarrassment. Oneal Morris only came forward after family members finally forced her to seek medical help after infection set in and sores developed. Even then, doctors had to press her information on the so-called doctor that performed surgery. Part of the ASPS campaign involves letting patients know that the only way to stop similar incidents is by reporting those who are performing inferior and potentially life-threatening plastic surgery procedures.

Author: Lisa Moore is a beauty and health author. Some of her published articles include “Do You have Spasmodic Dysphonia”, “Treatments for Urinary Incontinence”, “The World of Post Mastectomy”, “Silicon boobs, hungry baby?” and “Reconstructive surgery vs Plastic surgery”.