“Relationships take work.” We tend to associate these words with embittered people whose relationships have become more work than any fun. But, that isn’t always the case! The work required to keep a relationship alive and exciting can be pretty simple.

Here are few things you can try to add some spice..

1. Boast about them

Your boyfriend might be totally chummy with your parents and friends by now, but that doesn’t mean you no longer have to talk him up. When first introducing him to your friends and family, you probably would tell them all about his recent accomplishments. Continue to show your man you are proud of him. Yes, he can boast for himself. But do it for him.

2. Explore your city

When you meet someone new, you’re Googling fun things to do every weekend. You want indie-film type adventures and hidden romantic spots. But, over time, most couples stop exploring their city and just stick to what they know. And that’s a shame, because a big part of them falling in love was seeing how the other person reacted/thrived in unique settings.

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