*Actor Brian White got into a lot of trouble earlier this month when in an interview with HelloBeautiful.com, he dissed black women.

Now, the actor is clearing the air saying he never said that in an interview with Essence Magazine. He is married to a Latina woman.

ESSENCE.com: You’ve caught a lot of flack for your comments about how Black women, so we just have to ask, Brian White, do you hate Black women?

BRIAN WHITE: No, come on. I’m Black Carpenter [the title of his book and youth development program]. I’m out making sure kids have a future. I did that interview on speakerphone and my mom was in my car with me. I said the majority of what we, as a community, celebrate in the media, isn’t worthy of our women. Not the ones that I know and love. I’ve been out on the road with the UNCF, NAACP, and National Urban League doing Black Carpenter or working with little girls and boys in schools. I’m about that, more so than anything else. I’m not trying to be famous; I’m trying to make a difference. That’s all I meant to say. I apologize for any confusion.

ESSENCE.com: Why do you think the story of you hating on Black women picked up so much steam?

WHITE: I don’t know. There are probably lots of reasons, but I feel like that’s what sells. In our community, it’s very difficult to sell substance. I’ll say this: anything that can be construed as negative gets a lot of play but if it’s super positive getting actual creditable media and then that extra blogger is much harder.

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