akon*C’mon Akon, pay up. You know you got serious paper. You own the label that Lady Gaga is signed to.

It seems the dark hued singer/rapper is stiffing a company for $51,000 of construction bills his Georgia mansion according to a new lawsuit filed by a local contracting company as reported by TMZ.

Southern Electric filed the lawsuit against Akon in Georgia Superior Court, claiming it completed over $344,000 of work on Akon’s place — electric work, framing, molding — but he refused to pay $51,941 on their final invoice.

According to the suit, Southern Electric contacted Akon’s mommy last November … not just to tattle, but because his mother was acting as his agent in the deal … but still, S.E. has not received a dime.

They’re now suing for breach of contract for the amount allegedly owed, plus interest.

BTW,  Akon’s Ghow-Gha palace is a two-story four-bedroom, eight-bath model that he forked over $1.65 milli for.

And in case you’re wondering, nope, calls to his rep have not been returned.