al sharpton*Rev. Al Sharpton is ready to take on the NYPD in a legal action lawsuit after a blogger alleged law enforcement figures placed spies in Sharpton’s  National Action Network (NAN) headquarters in Harlem.

According to Huffington Post blogger, Len Levitt, the police department’s purpose was to find out if the organization was planning any major protests in response to the acquittal of police officers involved with the shooting death of unarmed black man, Sean Bell, who was murdered by cops hours before his wedding

According to Paul J. Browne, NYPD’s head spokesman, the intelligence unit was in fact involved in intelligence gathering inside the National Action Network headquarters during that meeting.

But, Browne said, they weren’t after any dirt on Sharpton or his organization.

“Neither the Rev. Sharpton nor the National Action Network, but a separate individual who was present was the subject of the NYPD Intelligence Division’s interest at the May 3, 2008 meeting in question,” Browne said in an email to The Huffington Post.

Levitt said the document also included a detailed description of NAN’s protest plans, the names of prominent blacks who would participate and the locations where protesters would gather on the day of the planned protests.

But perhaps the most shocking claims made in Levitt’s post are those around an NYPD plot to discredit Sharpton by spreading rumors, beginning in the ’80s, that he was homosexual.

According to Levitt, “Two undercover police officers who spied on black protest groups in the 1980s told this reporter in 1998 that the department was so intent on discrediting Sharpton that they were tasked by their superiors to spread rumors that he was homosexual.”

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