*It is a surreal coincidence that tonight’s episode of “Glee,” airing three days after the death of Whitney Houston, features Amber Riley’s Mercedes belting a rendition of Houston’s hit, “I Will Always Love You,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“We chose to do the song and [‘Glee’ co-creator] Ryan Murphy chose to do the song to honor one of the great hits of all time,” “Glee” music supervisor P.J. Bloom told THR on Sunday. “Obviously we could not predict the unfortunate circumstances that happened this weekend but at the same time instead of focusing on the dark stuff, it’s nice to have an opportunity to hear her in this way and celebrate the magic that Whitney brought to this industry.”

Immediately following the news of Houston’s passing, a spokesman for 20th Television told The Hollywood Reporter that series producers were considering adding a last-minute tribute to the locked episode — but it won’t be a part of the narrative. The studio confirms that Houston will be honored with a card in the end credits.

As for a full tribute, like the kind the show recently gave Michael Jackson, it seems to be far too early to tell.

“If we don’t celebrate her in one complete episode,” Bloom noted, “I’m sure we’ll continue to acknowledge her music in the show.”