laura govan

laura govan

*Can’t we all just get along?

Well, the cast of “Basketball Wives” seems eternally destined to never get along as “Wives: LA”  cast member Laura Govan slammed show creator Shaunie O’Neal in a recent interview with J’Adore Magazine.

She also dishes on her relationship with her baller baby daddy, Gilbert Arenas, who is currently a free agent.

Check out the excerpt below of the interview:

On Shaunie O’Neal:

“I don’t have a relationship with Shaunie and I never will. The information she was given about Shaq and I was false, and she took it and ran with it. I didn’t appreciate it at all and for that reason I will never speak to her again. I don’t have beef with her. If we see each other, I won’t chin check her, but that’s why I chose to do ‘Basketball Wives: LA.’ I wanted people to see exactly who I am opposed to what you heard on Season One: Miami. I mean, there were five grown women talking about me and they had no idea who I was. That was unfair, but it goes to show you where their mentality was.”

Hmm, we don’t think she has to worry about ever speaking to Shaunie O’Neal — Shaunie prolly said everything she had to say. On camera.

Read more at Bossip.


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