Beyonce*With the recent purging that went on at the “X Factor” where Simon Cowell got rid of Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger, there are obviously a couple judge positions that need to be filled.

Well, it looks like  Cowell is thinking big and plans to expand the reach of the show by maybe going after Beyonce to join the cast.

But she comes with a hefty price. Rumor has it that the show’s creator is offering the singer $500 million to join as a judge.

That sounds a bit out of this world, so nothing is certain, since it is a rumor.

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However, if it is true, the numbersays Cowell has to be desperate to offer that price tag. Other reports name Perez Hilton and Mariah Carey as possible new judges.

Since the afore mentioned Abdul and Scherzinger were fired by Fox, the floodgates are now open for new blood.

But really, Beyonce? Gooooood luck on that Simon

Oh and you may ask why Perez Hilton? No one really has an answer for that one except he’s a big mouth blogger with a large following .