*There were six living legends and a lady in charge, on the stage at The Key Club, in Hollywood for pre-Grammy weekend and “BMI’s How I Wrote That Song, 2012.” It was a celebration of top talent and a platform for iconic figures in music to discuss the formula to their successes.

For $15 to $20, music students and enthusiasts enjoyed inspiring tales and hard won advice from a panel of Grammy winners and nominees, who examined the process of writing, producing and performing hit songs.

“You have to have clear focus… You have to work hard and put many hours into it,” Founder of the Wu-Tang Clan, Producer, Rapper and Actor Rza said.

BMI Vice President, Catherine Brewton introduced panelists Rev Run, RZA, RedOne, DJ Khaled and twin brothers Joel and Benji Madden.

Brewton who moderated the event, interacted with a youthful crowd and showed video clips of hit songs for each panelist before asking questions about details of which led to Grammy nominations and awards.

BMI’s How I Wrote That Song, 2012 panelist reminisced about events that led to musical achievements and that were the history behind their biggest hits and grand collaborations.

Some Specifics
Rev, Run engaged the audience with funny tales of his fame in the 80s with Run-D.M.C and the story behind Run’s House, a phrase that’s lasted through until today, and was originally inspired by Eddie Murphy;  RedOne revealed the journey of a dream come true from Morroco, in Africa, and through more than 20 years of effort. Plus, the circumstances of his collaboration with Lady Gaga; DJ Khaled described the magic behind his consistent anthem like hits. RZA, Joel and Benji Madden shared how they used poor luck and un-pleasant or difficult circumstances in their body of work, plus they shared an idea about ingredients to success; including a strong work ethic.

Panelists also revealed how their lives were changed when hits were earned and recollected how they did it. The rewards of hard work, dedication and chance seemed to link the stories of BMI’s How I Wrote That Song, 2012 panelist.

BMI’s “How I Wrote That Song” is an annual event hosted by Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) BMI is an American performing rights organization that represents more than 500,00 songwriters, composers and music publishers in all genres of music and more than 7.5 million musical works.

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The EURweb Special Video Report, “BMI’s How I Wrote That Song” was filmed and edited by Billie Jordan.