cee lo*If you were watching the Super Bowl half-time show and “The Voice” after the game, you know Cee Lo Green was in Indianapolis. And from what we’re hearing, Mr. Green had himself a jolly, jolly time.

Apparently he reunited with his dudes from Goodie Mob and took the party to an Indy strip club. TMZ says the crew treated the stripper ladies to a five-figure thunderstorm.

The gents started partying at the club around 1:00 AM Thursday morning.

Sources inside the establishment say Cee Lo requested lap dances from “the baddest b*tches in the club” … and the group rewarded their good behavior by making it rain with roughly $10,000 in cash.

Supposedly there were other famous people in the club at the time, including some NFL players, but they couldn’t hang in the rain making department and had to bow down to Team Cee Lo, who easily commanded the girls’ attention.