chelsea handler*It’s no surprise that bad mouthed comedienne Chelsea Handler would ponder the possibility of pursuing a rapping career, especially sense she’s so close to 50 Cent. Well, at least she used to be.

But that’s another story.

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Anyway, the star of the upcoming film “This Means War” told “The Insider” that rapping would be her next venture in life.

“I would think the most annoying thing I could do would be to release a hip-hop album,” Handler said. “To start dancing and singing, or rapping.”

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She admitted that it would be a dumb move, however ingenious. Having dated the G-Unit mastermind, she may have some knowledge of the hip hop world, so she thinks.

Handler might fit in nicely, besides, hip hop could use a little comic relief from a no-boundaries white girl. She’s best known for her celebrity disses and blunt opinions.

She’s an interesting character indeed.