chris brown & fans (outside cameo night club - miami)

Chris Brow seen with fans outside Cameo club on South Beach moments before alleged iPhone incident

*It looks like the arrest of Chris Brown for the alleged theft of an iPhone is about to go down … today.

According to Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra, the manner in which Brown will be “brought to justice could be decided by late afternoon!”

Law enforcement sources tell Gossip Extra that a pow-wow between cops in Miami Beach and the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s prosecutors to establish a strategy on how to arrest Brown is scheduled for later today.

Cops want to cuff him and throw in the back of a squad car while prosecutors want to give him a chance to surrender in Miami Beach.

Convicted felon Brown, the singer of No Air and Forever, was tailed by paparazzi hoping he’d get arrested during the NBA All Star Weekend in Orlando.

No arrest was made despite what sources said was an iron-clad robbery case against Brown in which five witnesses — including his two bodyguards and rapper Tyga – said they saw him take the $500-phone.

Brown is scheduled for a concert Friday in San Francisco, Calif.

He is accused of swiping the iPhone of a fan outside the Cameo nightclub Feb. 19 in Miami Beach. The fan was one of several taking pictures of Brown leaving the venue with two groupies. Brown has been hoping for a reconciliation with songbird Rihanna, with whom he broke up in 2009 after pleading guilty of felony assault in connection with her beating. He is still on probation.

“We’ve been waiting for the green light from the State Attorney all weekend,” said a source familiar with the police-side of the case.

An official with the State Attorney replied: “The cops should’ve picked him up when he was in Miami Beach!”

This doesn’t look good for Chris Breezy at all. Good luck, dude.

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