*Dr. Conrad Murray has filed legal docs in an attempt to overturn his conviction for the manslaughter of Michael Jackson, claiming the singer was so stressed out by his financial problems that he gambled with his own life by taking Propofol, reports TMZ.

In a section of the legal documents titled “Financial Condition of Michael Jackson,” Murray’s lawyer said: ”Mr. Jackson was in debt approximately $440 million and desperately needed to fulfill a contractual commitment to The O2 arena in London.

”He was on the verge of losing his entire estate to foreclosure. The pressure to fight through his insomnia, to rehearse and be the entertainer he was in his earlier years was overwhelming.

”His motivation and resulting desperation were relevant to show a likelihood or reason to act in a manner inconsistent with good judgment.”

The filing comes just a day after a District Attorney claimed Dr. Murray was a danger to society and a flight risk, adding he had not shown any remorse for his ”reckless and criminal conduct that directly caused Michael Jackson’s death.”

Dr. Murray is currently serving a four-year sentence in prison.