david alan grier (porgy and bess)*What do you think about a remake of an American classic like “Porgy and Bess?”

Well, before you squeal in resentment of the idea, David Alan Grier says “Relax. Let it go.”

He assures fans the remake is not going to murder the original, it’s just going to be a different version with a few twists.

The actor and funnyman is currently starring in an updated script of Gershwin’s masterpiece on Broadway as a two-and-a-half-hour musical.

Just in case you don’t know, the original is a four-hour opera, and the remake is not going over well with opera buffs.

“We just want people to be propelled by the story and the music,” Grier says. “It’s not like we made a deal with the estate to destroy all previous versions and burn down all the opera houses. They will continue to do it and it will continue to live and be interpreted. That’s what keeps classical works like this alive.”

Being a part of the musical is Grier’s way of contributing to a piece of history and being a part of a popular, pioneering classic.

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