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DeBorah B. Pryor

*LOS ANGELES, CA  – UCLA Extension has invited communications enthusiast DeBorah B. Pryor back to present her popular workshop: Public Speaking for the Private Person during the winter 2012 semester. The one-day, 6-hour class focuses primarily on the daily communication exchanges faced by the public and intricately weaves true-life-experiences into strategic lessons that are applicable to anyone. After a successful debut at UCLA Extension last semester, the class returns to assist individuals who continue to struggle with sometimes basic, yet extremely important communications issues.

“I remember being called on the telephone at work one day by a boss who was angry with me because of a professional judgment call I had made,” recalls Pryor. “She was livid. I was hurt and angry at the same time. All I could do—all I did do, was listen. The next morning, after I had pulled myself together, and put the feelings I had from that call into better perspective, I dialed her extension and asked for a meeting. It was at that meeting; where we had both gained composure, that I got to voice and defend my stance from a clear, more concise and unemotional place. I did not back down. This not only satisfied my own sense of dignity; but it gained a new respect from her as well. Experiences such as this motivated me to design ‘Public Speaking for the Private Person.’”

Pryor, who has been teaching the programs to businesses in the community since 2005, pulls her experiences from a variety of sources including her career as a professional stage actor; her tenure as an established journalist, and her work as an administrative executive with an extensive background in the nonprofit and private sectors.

UCLA Extension is world renowned for its innovative courses, real-life-experienced instructors and longstanding commitment to extended learning that meets the growing needs of adults in the community. Upon hearing about the program, the school was immediately interested; but because of the recession in 2010, could not bring the class on until a year later; following relentless pursuit by the instructor.

“DeBorah provides an excellent program designed to assist people with both personal and professional communication strategies,” says FIDM adjunct professor and real estate developer, Stephanie Ardrey. “She delivers her training by providing powerful tools to incorporate into your communications tool box! Whether you are a seasoned communicator seeking a refresher, or a novice hoping to glean some tools – this program will deliver!”

Pryor admits her concern that people hear the term ‘public speaking’ and immediately think of podiums, stages and large groups. “They seem to disregard the significance of learning to communicate in scenarios like the one presented with my boss earlier; or the importance of writing an effective cover letter. Many receptionists and others who work extensively via telephone lack poise when speaking to clients; many people – no matter what their position or level of intelligence, appear ‘socially awkward’ and find relating to someone outside of their comfort zone, almost unbearable. These things are so important to one’s progress and growth. Yet they are often ignored. I personally believe that once some of these challenges are dealt with, the podium will be less intimidating. ”

As a supplement to the workshop, Pryor went into the studio and recorded a 2-disc CD which she sells on the internet. Lezlie Porter, a consultant who attended the workshop at a private agency says, “The class was absolutely wonderful… I have had ‘class in the car’… every morning on my way to work…I love it! I haven’t even heard the second CD yet because I keep replaying sections of the first one over and over.”

Public Speaking for the Private Person will be offered at UCLA Extension on Saturday, March 3, 9:00am – 4:00pm. Follow this link to register. The class will also be presented on Saturday, March 10, at Glendale Community College. If you are interested in attending this class, visit or call (818) 240-1000 ext. 5015 for more info.





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