diana ross*After all these years of inspiring young artists, glamorous styles, and influencing lives, Diana Ross is finally going to be the recipient of the Grammy Award’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

The announcement was made Tuesday that she will be honored as part of The Supremes and as a solo artist.

“Through her role as the lead voice of America’s top singing group, a solo music career that resulted in a number of signature hits, and a film and Broadway career that proved she was a multidimensional talent, Ross became a beacon of hope and possibility not just for young African-American women, but for any woman aspiring to prove her worth in a professional world stacked against her,” the Recording Academy reports. “Ross and friends Florence Ballard, Barbara Martin and Mary Wilson formed the Supremes (originally the Primettes) in the Brewster housing projects in Detroit. The group didn’t emerge as stars immediately, and after their first few mid-chart singles, Martin left. But starting with “Where Did Our Love Go?” in 1964, the Supremes would ultimately chart 12 No. 1 pop singles with Ross.”

Over the years, the 67-year-old singer has been nominated 12 times, but has yet to receive the golden gramophone. But three of her songs have been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.