chad & evelyn*Now that Evelyn Lozada is getting ready to jump the broom with one of the most talked about NFL stars, Chad Ochocinco of the New England Patriots, it’s almost like she doesn’t quite belong on the infamous realty series, “Basketball Wives.”

But she remains since her ex-fiance was former NBA player Antoine Walker.

At any rate, this season is bound to be another one filled with drama, hopes dreams, and rigid tension.

Since Lozada is busy trying to actually be a wife, things may be different for her this time around, as she goes into planning mode, finalizing the details of her summer wedding.

In an interview with ESPN, the soon-to-be Mrs. Ochocinco explained that she’s doing most the planning, but her man may be interested in choosing the music. She also said being a football wife has its minor differences from what she’s used to.

“I don’t really think there’s much of a difference other than his season is way shorter than basketball. And they have curfews. And we can’t stay at the same hotels. Oh, and we’re freezing sitting outside!”

While her hubby-to-be is winning the bread on the field (although he didn’t play in the Super Bowl), she’ll be raking in the cash with her new book about being a basketball wife.

“It’s going to be released June 5; it’s a series of three books. The first book is called “The Inner Circle,” and it’s primarily based on my life, friends that have been in the limelight and have been married and engaged and girlfriend of players. It’s a lot of these stories in these books, but obviously with fictitious names. You would never know what situation was Evelyn’s situation. A lot of it is real, true stories.”

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