evelyn lozada*One of the most popular cast members of the Basketball Wives series is Evelyn Lozada.

The Puerto Rican beauty from the Bronx who was once engaged to former NBA player Antoine Walker for 10 years, is now engaged to NFL football player Chad Ochocinco.

Let’s hope she gets to walk down the aisle this time.

The wacky couple has been an entertaining duo for us to watch.

1. Evelyn the Assistant?

Yes, the fashionista and flashy Ms. Lozada was once an assistant to a famous celebrity attorney.

2. A new home?

Lozada moved from the Puerto Rican dominated streets of the Bronx to the sunny weather of Miami in 2007.

3. Business Owner

While Evelyn was getting settled in Miami, she became the co-owner of a boutique called “Dulce.” Website is Dulceshoes.net.

4. Lil Evelyn?

On one of the Basketball Wives episodes, Evelyn Lozada introduced her teenage daughter Shaniece Hairston.

5. Wedding Bells

The couple of Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada are set to marry in June of this year.