Gabrielle Union*Get on the bandwagon and re-elect President Barack Obama, is Gabrielle Union’s new mantra.

The actress has joined the campaign initiative to get the man back in the big house for another round of presidency. The administration’s “Greater Together” initiative has brought together several celebrity supporters to travel around the country to rally up support and over the next two weeks, the Obama campaigners will visit historically Black colleges and universities, including Morehouse, Norfolk State, Bennett and Florida A&M.

Union was a prominent voice at the Durham campus of North Carolina Central University.

“I stood by [President Obama] in 2008, and that election invigorated me in a way that I’d never really been before about being part of the process,” Union told The Root on why she’s lending her voice to his re-election effort. “I take a lot of pride knowing that my president understands that we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, and we have a responsibility to each other. He understands that America prospers when we’re all doing it together, when everyone does their fair share and plays by the same rules.”

Union’s main topics during her talk were all about education, health care and jobs.

“As we’re bombarded with a 24-hour news cycle telling us everything that the GOP believes is wrong with our president, it’s important to drive the point home what exactly he has accomplished, separate the truth from fiction and also mobilize voters,” she said, adding that engaging African Americans is critical. “I think the second you start taking people for granted is the second you start losing people, and that goes for every aspect of life. On the world’s biggest stage for the most important job there is, we cannot afford to take anyone for granted.”