jason campbell & jenny montes

*Oakland Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell and fiancée Jenny Montes made a last minute move and canceled their nuptials just hours before the ceremony.

The allegedly happy couple put up a wedding website, displaying their love for one another using photos and exciting words. The bride-to-be even publicly shared her excitement on Twitter as the day inched closer and closer.

But with all the joy, they canceled the wedding on Saturday morning with 162 guests invited, who flew to the Dominican Republic for the occasion.

Although no details were revealed, Campbell shared with the Washington Post that the two came to a decision to “put things off” after discussing it for a couple of weeks. “I love her enough not to leave her at the altar,” he said. “I love her enough to talk to her before it gets that far.”

In fact he also denied the reports that he left her at the alter. He said the wedding was called off in due time and not at the last minute.

“That stuff is just crazy,” he said. “Jenny’s a good person and I’m a good person. I don’t even know why people would put all those lies out there. ”

He said the two decided to go ahead with the trip to the Caribbean Island and “just made a vacation out of it.”

The couple’s relationship, a long seven-year love rooted in friendship, has been through its ups and downs with break ups and make-ups.

He didn’t say whether or not the wedding is postponed or will never happen.

“We’re not trying to force anything right now,” Campbell said. “We’re taking everything one day at all time, trying to let all the air and the dust clear.”

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jason campbell & jenny montes