don lemmon & jesse jackson*After Saturday’s moving home going services for Whitney Houston, if you missed it, CNN’s Don Lemon asked Reverend Jesse Jackson about the now infamous Bobby Brown incident.

Jackson first responded on the ceremony itself, saying about Whitney that “her music will last a long time and she will have a bigger impact than her appreciation of why she was alive” and that it was a wonderful event.

Regarding the incident that resulted in Bobby and others leaving the ceremony, he noted that of Brown’s entourage:

“four of five of them were sitting in the front row, they didn’t make proper accommodations for him to move.” Jackson claimed that he “tried to get him to stay,” and “it was a very difficult moment for all of us” and “painful in an otherwise tremendous and inspiring service.” He claimed that Brown’s reaction to the seating issue was “very positive” and “it seemed they could have accommodated him better than they did.”

He added an important detail: that Houston’s mother Cissy, and her granddaughter Bobbie Kristina, did not see any of what happened.

Check out the interview below: