Keke Palmer*Young actress Keke Palmer made incredible timing recently with her heartfelt Twitter message about teen suicide.

After the world learned of Don Cornelius, the family and supporters of 17-year-old Ashley Duncan who may have killed herself, are reaching out to young people about the topic of suicide.

The Texas teen’s death came shortly after several references of suicide on her Twitter and Tumblr pages, including a photo of a gun with a caption that read, “I finally got a gun.”

Palmer along with Duncan’s family are urging youth to be smart, make good decisions, and speak up when there is suffering.

The actress told her fans and followers to stay away from drugs, saying they could lead to depression. She also encouraged teens to speak up if they are having problems or even think they are depressed or suicidal.

She then went on to talk about her own struggle with obtaining positive self-esteem.

I think I’m BEAUTIFUL! I didn’t start feeling that way completely until I liked the person on the INSIDE, and that’s real,” she Tweeted.

Duncan’s death follows that of 18-year-old Ashley Billasano also from Texas who sent 144 tweets expressing her grief before finally killing herself in November.

Duncan warned parents to talk to their kids and pay closer attention to their children, Houston’s FOX 26 reports.