Kobe Bryant*Kobe Bryant gets away with one this time. Hmm, some folks would say he got away with something again, but we digress.

The San Diego City Attorney’s Office announced that it would not pursue charges against the All-star NBA player regarding accusations over an altercation at a local church last year.

Thomas Hagos told police Bryant flipped out on him at St. Therese of Carmel Church in August after he supposedly thought the churchgoer snapped a picture of him with his cell phone.

And supposedly Bryant wrestled the phone out of his hand, injuring his (Hagos’) wrist. However, Bryant didn’t find any pictures of himself on the phone.

Investigators say there is simply not enough evidence to charge Bryant.

The C.A. tells TMZ:

“Based upon our extensive investigation and interview of independent witnesses, we’ve concluded that charges cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.”