kwame*It’s the man you all know and love … Kwame!

Remember the polka dot shirts? Remember the blonde streak going through the gumby box fade? Remember you used to get a party started with a Kwame jam?

Well is that all you remember about Kwame? If so, where the heck have you been? The former hit making rapper has morphed into a genre transcending producer while you weren’t paying attention. He is to producing what Mr. T was to the A-Team in that, if you need him and you have the dollars, he’ll pretty much assure whatever you’re on will be a hit.

Recently, I had a chance run-in with Kwame backstage at the world famous Sounds of Brazil venue on Varick and Houston in NYC. He was there as part of a showcase featuring a young lady named Lauriana Mae. Lauriana who? Yeah, that’s exactly what I said until she wowed me, and all in attendance, with a 30 minute set that made having to pay to get into the venue worth it. The Atlantic Records recording artist put it down and then some.

Kwame was happy to let us know about this talented young lady who represents the state of New Jersey. Check it out below:

Listen to Lauriana Mae: