jeremy lin*After the fire started raging, Anthony Federico, the ESPN editor who was fired after making a racial slur about Jeremy Lin, decided what he said was a mistake.

The writer told the New York Daily News that he didn’t know the implications of the word “chink.”

“’This had nothing to do with me being cute or ‘punny,’” Federico told reporters. “’I’m so sorry that I offended people. I’m so sorry if I offended Jeremy.’

The headline, ‘Chink in the Armor…’ was on the ESPN website for 35 minutes before it was taken down. But it wasn’t long before the repercussions were felt.

As a result, Federico was fired in the interest of the network.

As far as Lin is concerned, by now he’s caught wind of the ruckus and has forgiven the writer, as well as ESPN anchor Max Bretos, who coined the headline phrase on television 30 days before.

“They’ve apologized, and so from my end, I don’t care anymore,” Lin said. “You have to learn to forgive, and I don’t even think that was intentional.”

However, others aren’t buying the unintentional mantra. Journalists in particular are wondering how Federico’s work was even published before it was reviewed by another set of eyes, assuming that’s what happened.

Since the racial slur has slipped through the cracks not two, but three times, ESPN has apologized. It also suspended the ESPNEWS anchor for 30 days, and fired the radio commentator who also said some offensive things.

And speaking of political incorrectness, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” opened the weekend’s show with a skit on Lin. The actors made Asian stereotypes, came up with puns using the star guard’s last name and talked about the recent mishaps in the media, such as’s racially offensive headline.

They also mentioned FOX Sports columnist Jason Whitlock’s inappropriate tweet following the Lakers and Knicks game last Friday night. Whitlock has since apologized for the tweet.

Roll the tape!

Finally, last night Lin and the crew lost to cross river rivals, The New Jersey Nets 100-92. Hmm, maybe the loss had something to do with the return of Carmelo Anthony.