luis guzman*This Friday, New Line Cinema expects to pack the house for a cinematic family adventure in 3D with the release of  Journey To The Mysterious Island better known as Journey 2, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Michael Cane, Vanessa Hudgens, Josh Hutcherson, Kristen Davis and the man with the familiar face, Luis Guzman.

Luis plays Gabato, the character that is the father to Kailani, played by Vanessa Hudgens.  Gabato is a helicopter pilot who is on a mission to assist Hank (Dwayne Johnson) and his step son Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) in answering a distress signal on a deserted, mysterious island.

Luis is not a usual suspect in family films.  He is an established actor with film and TV credits that include villainous roles in Carlito’s Way, Snake Eyes, Oz, Traffic and many more. However, Luis is a natural fit in this special effects-3D action adventure.

He told EURweb’s Lee Bailey why he said yes:

“I dug the concept, the idea, the story and spoke with the director, & producer, and pretty much that’s how it came together for me.”

Journey 2 could be a breakout comedic role for Luis, who is hilarious in the film.  Luis reveals that for him, having comedic ability is just another facet of being a well rounded actor:

“Well, I’ve always had a comedic side to me.  I just believe that they had seen me in a few things.  I guess I got a different kind of comedy, a different flair for it.  It worked for them, it worked for me.  I had the opportunity to improvise quite a bit.  That’s something that I’ve always enjoyed doing.  When it came to this movie, I guess it worked very well.”

Richard Outten, Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn are the writers of the sequel to Journey To The Center of the Earth, which came out in 2008.  The latest version is directed by Brad Peyton and is filled with surprises, even an unexpected kiss between Guzman and The Rock!

Luis discloses how he pulled it off:

“He didn’t know I was gonna do it.  I like working with the element of surprise and as long as the other person is complimentary to it, it works. ”

In this EURweb exclusive audio with Lee Bailey, actor Luis Guzman explains the kiss of The Rock and how he keeps it real in a world of special effects-3D.

Journey To The Mysterious Island  or Journey 2 is a Contrafilm Production, distributed by Warner Bros.  It opens Friday, February 10, 2012 in Imax Theaters nationwide.  It is rated PG.

Watch the trailer: