meagan good*By now, Meagan Good is a star.

She’s consistent and stays beautiful, but being both those things are easy in the entertainment  industry.

The single 30-year-old revealed in a recent interview and cover story (see photo below) for Vibe Vixen about her relationship, her faith and values, as well as her dream of one day portraying her idol, the now late  Whitney Houston on camera. (Keep in mind, the interview was done before Whitney’s death.)

“I want to do Whitney Houston’s life story,” she said. “I think that would be an incredible story to do. I talked to Whitney a little bit about it, and she’s open to it, so I want to see what happens with that. Hopefully, in the very, very near future.”

But to play the part, she’s got to have some vocals, which she admits she’s got some skills. However, she never wanted people to misjudge her or think of her as an entertainer, but rather as a strong actress.

Beyond that, she is obviously seen as a sex kitten, and most the time without trying. Being a Christian woman and doing some of the things she does may seem to conflict, but Good says it’s … all good.

“I think that [sexual activites] natural things,” she said. “I think that, for me, it’s about portraying a character creatively and artistically as an actress. I believe that God has gifted me as an actress and intends for me to use that gift, but He also intends for me to use it to glorify him. So, if I’m playing the most perfect, religious girl then nobody gets anything out of it. It’s like being a Christian and only hanging out in church. When I play a character, I try not to judge her because ultimately it’s about where she ends up and what she learns from the journey, no matter what happens along the journey. Does she become a better person?”

Read the full interview at Vibe Vixen.

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