ikons*Introducing a music act that is very refreshing and giving the world a incredible sound.

Two talented artists Mac, who is on lead vocals and Abstrak TP , on lead rapping which has a amazing blend with an outstanding delivery. Forging there way to destiny, IKONS song writing skills speak right to the heart. Reminding us what real music is all about and the great sound that came from real school artists. There live shows will take your breath away just to see real performers giving you a bang for your buck is refreshing as well without any questions or doubt.

THE IKONS will hold it down in 2012, touching on genres like R&B and HIP-HOP and with a Gospel and Funk feel to the game. IKONS are very socially conscious in the community by supporting Sickle Cell Anemia. Giving portions of there proceeds toward the CURE for The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation www.sicklecellcurefoundation.org. They are also working on many Sickle Cell fundraising events with Mr. J R Perry

THE IKONS passion runs deep and it reflects in there music. http://www.ikonmuzik.com THE IKONS can take a drop of love and turn it into a river of unity, giving them humanitarian power with there music style and compassion by having a strong meaning, staying humble and focused. They are what you call. Natural trend setters, reaching demographics from ages 12 – 50 of all races. This is a must hear and must see act THE IKONS are today’s music innovators, tomorrows inspirators that bring back that good old quality, quantity and pure organic musical healing.

THE IKONS The Music Artists are putting the R into Refreshing and working the P into Powerful and leaving you saying me, myself and IKONS, what a musical difference in the industry today. Building a foundation for many years to come and restoring great music to the radio stations and fun and creativity to films and videos. Taking us back to when music was music, THE IKONS are bringing our history back to our future with based in Las Vegas, Nevada. THE IKONS are destined for success.


The Ikons
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