ne-yo making it rain*Ok morning Mess fans, here ya go …

Proving he’s just like the other guys … with lots of money to blow, Ne-Yo found himself and his significant other at an Atl strip club making it rain. And brother did he ever.

He dropped so many $ingles on naked booty-shakers, he literally covered the floor and TMZ has obtained the pics (see some of ’em below).

Ne-Yo hit up Magic City strip club on Saturday night with his baby mama Monyetta Shaw — the one in leopard print — and sources tell us, he rained down between $3,000-$5,000 in ones.

We’re told he didn’t drink a drop of alcohol either — keeping mostly to himself in the VIP room for two hours between midnight and 2AM.

Just enough time to take over the entire club.

Check out some of flicks of the action below.

ne-yo &stripper

ne-yo & stripper

ne-yo & stripper

Swing over to TMZ for the rest.