melissa harris-perry*Melissa Harris-Perry is on her way to the top.

It seems like the heavy criticism her archenemy Cornel West bestowed upon her hasn’t affected her at all. She’s getting ready to join MSNBC’s news as its newest anchor.

According to the network’s president, Phil Griffin, Harris-Perry’s keeping the attention of audiences nationwide, but she didn’t even know.

“I literally have no idea what you’re talking about,” she said, laughing.

Well, Griffin was saying, according to the Associate Press, that when she appears as a substitute anchor for MSNBC star Rachel Maddow, the viewership numbers hold steady.

“I don’t even know what the numbers are, I don’t even know how one would get them,” said Harris-Perry, a professor at Tulane University who still considers herself an academic with a second (or third) job in television. “Who knew?”

Harris-Perry’s new show starts today on MSNBC from 10am-Noon Eastern.