nene leakes*One must wonder how NeNe Leakes even became popular.

Is she really loved by the black population, or is this what television producers want the world to see. Actor Brian White expressed his concern about the images being played over and over again on television.

He commented in a recent interview that “the most prevalent image in ‘urban society’ right now is women like NeNe,” and further explained that he thinks images like these represent not just a stereotype, but the majority of black women.

Duh, wrong conclusion.

So even NeNe couldn’t let that one get away without a response. The reality star took to Twitter to basically call him a hater.

Actors feel some type of way when Reality Stars work in their field! I started out actin first! I didn’t make the rules I just play by them.” (See more below.)

She then proceeded to throw darts and totally miss the point he was trying to make. Instead she wasted her time on her insecurities and floated past the real issue of his commentary.

But in real life reality news, NeNe’s son Brice was reportedly brutally beaten in a bar fight that forced him to be hospitalized.

Brice was out one night at a bar outside Atlanta when he apparently began stirring up trouble with a group of men. Sources say he was “pounded” on by the entire group and was rushed to the hospital.

His injuries included a shattered jaw and multiple broken bones in his face. He’s expected to make a full recovery.

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