oprah*While many still think she’s the anti-christ, Oprah Winfrey is encouraging the world to find God.

Oprah recently recounted her experience of visiting a Hassidic Jewish community in Brooklyn New York. After the visit she said that she had experienced the power of God and the need for more values in the world, saying that she hoped others would also find their own path to God.

Oprah admitted that in the past, the community had always intimidated her.

“I have walked down the street and seen Jewish men…I’ve always found it somewhat formidable or intimidating,” she said in an interview with Rabbi Motti Seligson for “Oprah’s Next Chapter.”

During her visit, Oprah spent time with a Hassidic Jewish family and also sat down to one of their meals.

“We’re all more alike than we are different,” Oprah concluded. Adding her respect for the tradition and values. “I’m deeply appreciative and respectful of that,” she said.

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