black married couple*These days, in the Christian community, we’re seeing marriages fall apart left and right, and many are  left asking why. A powerful answer was given by Christian rapper Da T.R.U.T.H. in a Valentine’s Day  blog posted to his website called “Cherished…Love Conquers All.”  From personal experience, after  being unfaithful in his marriage and experiencing God’s power of reconciliation, the gifted lyricist  provides some powerful insights worth reading.

He gives readers a look into what went wrong in his own marriage that led him down adultery’s  destructive path. “I see that two prevailing factors contributed to my sin,” he writes. “First, I failed to  practically cultivate my marriage.  Perhaps I did early in my marriage, but over time I slowed down  and then eventually stopped altogether.  Anything that is nourished will grow.  If it isn’t, it will  eventually die.”

Da T.R.U.T.H., a popular and in-demand urban evangelist, also confesses that his hectic schedule  and ministry demands were partially responsible for driving a wedge between him and his wife. “My  time and travel schedule led to a natural breakdown as a result of the sheer physical distance between  the two of us,” he admits. “Over time, I didn’t even realize that my heart was growing ever so distant.  By the time I finally realized it, it was too late.”

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