rhoa (toasting-in-africa)*Nsenga K. Burton, a writer/columnist for TheRoot, says she  thought long and hard about doing a post on the recent “Africa” episode of “Real housewives of Atlanta.” And why is that? Because she was so embarrassed by she saw and didn’t want anyone to know that she had actually watched the show.

“Clearly I’m not a fan and literally stumbled across an episode while channel surfing,” wrote Burton.

Well, just what was it that Ms. Burton saw that disgusted and embarrassed her? Here’s an excerpt:

On this particular episode of RHOA, self-proclaimed Southern “belle” and  etiquette expert Phaedra Parks was planning a trip for her cohorts to South Africa. Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am interested in anything related to the Diaspora — so much so that I stopped to watch an episode of RHOA. But knowing what I know about the show, I knew that these crazy women going to South Africa couldn’t be anything but disastrous.

Imagine my lack of surprise hearing Parks talk about a continent as if it were a country and making broad and outdated stereotypes, stating that when you think of Africa, you think of grass skirts and drums. Really? Her lack of knowledge and sophistication about African culture was trumped only by her lack of decorum, along with Sheree Whitfield’s, at the APEX Museum. Can you say “sheer and utter buffoonery”?

These two supposedly grown women were actually making fun of an exhibit on the transatlantic slave trade, a move that was not only in poor taste but also maddening. Parks and Whitfield had the bad manners to continue their baffling behavior in front of the director of the museum and during the part of the exhibit on the Middle Passage.

I could not believe the high level of callousness and immaturity and low level of consciousness and seriousness on display by these women. This show is broadcast around the world, and it is unconscionable that they could not pull themselves together to learn something about their heritage, our relationship to Africa and why this trip would be beneficial to this group of women, besides being a tourist destination.

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nsenga k.burton

Nsenga K. Burton