melissa harris-perry and cornel west

Melissa Harris-Perry and Cornel West

*Cornel West is the topic of conversation again after making his opinion known once more, but this time about Melissa Harris-Perry.

As we reported yesterday, he called her a “liar” and that “[s]he’s become the momentary darling of liberals, but I pray for her because she’s in over her head. She’s a fake and a fraud. I was so surprised how treacherous the sister was.”

The two have gone at each other in the past over their varying opinions on things like politics. But West has decided that she, along with her MSNBC peer, the Rev. Al Sharpton, are all a part of a plot to promote the Obama administration.

And since both West and good friend Tavis Smiley have taken arms against Obama and his apparent lack of concern regarding the poor, particularly African Americans, West is showing no mercy on the bandwagoneers.

al sharpton

Al Sharpton

Sharpton strongly responded in an interview with theGrio:

“Rewarded by who? I don’t know if having access to the Obama administration means that one is rewarded … All of these conspiracy theorists need to check facts more clearly.”

Rev. Sharpton also posed this rhetorical question, “[w]ho rewarded Tavis Smiley with his show? …  Tavis can have a show [and] that’s fine. But if Dr. [Harris] Perry [and] I have a show all of a sudden it’s some kind of a conspiracy theory? … black people are not that stupid.”

Then the Rev. went on to add that many prominent civil rights leaders of the past have had access to presidents:

“This whole thing that I’m too close to the White House for a civil rights leader. Frederick Douglass had access to Abe Lincoln. Booker T. Washington had access to Teddy Roosevelt and Martin Luther King had access to John Kennedy to the degree that Kennedy told him the FBI was trying to do some things to Bayard Rustin and Jack Odell’s reputation. Andrew Young worked as the ambassador for Jimmy Carter. Jesse Jackson worked as an envoy for Bill Clinton. They need to study civil rights history. I don’t work for Obama. And every president has had civil rights leaders with access so now we get to the black president and there is a different set of rules. He shouldn’t have civil rights leaders he relates to. I think it’s surprising that scholars are not doing their scholarly inquiry here.”

Sharpton also finds West’s scathing critique of President Obama “personal.”

We are not arguing about issues here, we’re arguing about personality. I supported President Obama in 2008. And I support him now not because I got some reward but because we won the election. That’s what I supported him to do. He’s doing many of the things that I supported him for. Some of the things he can’t do because of being blocked. So how do you support somebody in the election, they win, and all of a sudden you’re against them? It’s almost like they have this psychological positioning that they have to always be outsiders rather than saying that the goals are to be achieved whether you do it outside, inside, or [a] combination… I’m oriented toward achieving goals for the people, not worrying about how I’m positioned.

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