too $hort*After Too $hort repented for his obscene video advice to teen boys, sharing with them how to turn a girl out, he’s moved forward and has continued to address the issue.

Parents and other outraged responded to his video saying it promoted sexual assault.

In an interview with, the Oakland raised rapper owned up to his mistakes and his pervasive lyrics.

“At the time, I thought it was something of a comedy nature. As they released it, it was put up in such an irresponsible manner. They just put up a headline without any type of real description of its intended nature,” says Too $hort. “It’s been a blessing in disguise, though, because as the negative reactions poured in, my first reaction was to just be like, ‘it’s just a damn joke.’ It took a moment though to understand what was really taking place here. Initially, I was being nostalgic about my situation growing up
with games like ‘Hide and Go Get It’ – you know just doing stuff as bad little kids. That goes from learning to how kiss to a lot more than that. I say that it was a blessing in disguise because I had a conversation with Dream Hampton about it. Immediately when this happened I began to question why anybody would release the video in the manner that they did, and why would I even allow myself to be recorded?”

He continued the conversation explaining the revelations he received regarding his actions and when he began to get responses like he did, he knew his video was far from a joke.

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