Toure' was invited to the Lawrence O'Donnell show Monday, February 13, 2012, to speak on Whitney Houston's life and instead spoke on how her death is a result of African American celebrities added pressure of never returning to poverty.

*The devastating news of Whitney Houston’s death is still very fresh and painful to her family, friends and fans. But, after her body is committed to the ground and the dust settles will it be business as usual? It shouldn’t be.

It’s time to talk about the crushing effects of fame and the drug infestation in the entertainment world.

Monday night, Lawrence O’Donnell dedicated his entire show to the memory of Whitney Houston and Toure’ gave a perspective that some might see as controversial.

He said that Whitney and other African American celebrities have the immense pressure on their shoulders to do well and stay well for fear of returning to poverty.

But, who said that all black entertainers came from poverty, Toure? In fact, many were born and raised in middle class families. In my opinion, his sweeping summation is erroneous.

Whitney Houston comes from a middle class family that is legendary in the music industry.

He went on to say that him and Questlove of the Roots had a conversation after the Grammys that seems like Toure should have kept to himself out of respect to Questlove and his private thoughts on the matter of black celebrities: (Read/see more HERE.)